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A modern rustic style with built-in features maximizes storage and simplifies life.

mobile. modern. minimal.

35' L x 7.5' W x 13.5' T

320 square feet

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tinyhaus details


The outside of the tinyhaus is clad in corrugated metal with a feature wall of reclaimed cedar.


The walls of the tinyhaus are paneled in floor to ceiling knotty pine and features bamboo flooring.

Tall ceilings and floating cabinets increase the spaciousness throughout.

living area (7.5' x 14')

The living room is large enough for a few chairs and a storage trunk. A built in fireplace and flat panel TV separate the bedroom area from the main spaces.

kitchen (7.5' x 12')​

The kitchen has roughly 9' of open counter space, with an additional 30" wide desk area. 

Standard size appliances and built-ins make the kitchen well equipped.

A laundry, storage, and utility closet complete the kitchen area. A small unitized washer and dryer can fit behind the closet doors with additional space for hanging storage.

bathroom (7.5' x 4')

The bathroom is small, but provides ample storage. There is a standard toilet, glass vessel sink, and a typical 4 foot wide shower stall.

Built in shelving and storage behind the mirror add additional storage.

bedroom (7.5' x 7.5')

The size provides enough room for a queen bed, small side tables, and room to walk around the perimeter.

Unlike a lot of tiny houses, the bedroom is raised, but only has 4 steps (which also happen to be large drawers), making it much more accessible and easier to use.

closet (7.5' x 3.5')

The closet has 7.5' of hanging storage with additional shelving and racks on the door.

The closet is located behind the fireplace.

utility requirements​

The tinyhaus is currently connected to the electrical grid with 100 amp service. The plumbing system is split into two different drain lines, one for black water and the other for gray water. The systems can be combined for an easy connection to a waste water system. Two small electric registers that are controlled with a programmable thermostat heat the tinyhaus. There isn't air conditioning currently installed, but could be easily added. 

The tinyhaus is built on a 35' fifth wheel trailer. It is easily movable, but not intended for bringing on every weekend camping trip. Ideally, the tinyhaus will be moved to a semi-permanent location, such as a private piece of land, or a seasonal/yearly campground.

** Furniture and accessories not included in sale price.


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